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My name is Matthew (Mat) Severson, and I hold a Master of Science in Medical Illustration. One of my childhood fascinations was the master artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. It was this fascination that would eventually lead me to a career that combines two very different fields: art and science. Over the course of my career, I have provided hundreds of illustrations for publishers such as Johns Hopkins University Press and Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, and some of my illustrations have appeared in the news headlines of The Chicago Sun-Times and the Wall Street Journal. Currently, I reside in Dallas, Texas.
Product Overview
I create original medical illustrations that translate complex medical concepts into images that are understandable to a broad audience. The majority of my work is created digitally and often incorporates 3D models. For each of my illustrations I conduct extensive research in order to create accurate work that satisfies my client's specific needs.

Anatomical Illustration - For centuries medical illustrations have been a primary source of learning for medical students as well as the general public. I provide my clients with accurate and detailed illustrations that clearly describe anatomical structures and their relationships to one another.

Cellular & Molecular Illustration – Depicting life on a cellular or molecular level is a major challenge for medical illustrators. I strive to create work that is beautiful, yet simple and concise. Some of my specialties include virology, genetics and immunology.

Surgical Illustration – My surgical illustrations clarify and emphasize the crucial moments of a surgical procedure and condense those moments into a series of logical steps. These illustrations will help the surgeon tell his/her story by depicting only what needs to be shown and by removing unnecessary distractions.

What is a Medical Illustrator?
Medical illustrators have advanced training in anatomy and other life sciences. We work with scientists and healthcare professionals to create images that communicate to a broad audience. Many medical illustrators are self-employed while others work at research institutions, medical schools, publishers, advertising agencies or law firms.

Why work with Severson Medical Media?
My greatest priority is customer satisfaction. I am dedicated to providing my clients with a finely crafted and visually stunning product that reflects the quality of the products or services they provide.